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2009/09/07 More than 1 year after 0.8.3, here is 0.8.4 and... Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman, new member of Fail2ban development team. Read the announcement.

2008/07/18 Here is a new release of fail2ban. 0.8.3 should fix the famous "Unknown error 514" and the wrong PID in fail2ban.pid. There are a few more fixes and improvements. I have not yet applied all the patches I received. This will be done in a next release.

2008/07/17 I will release 0.8.3 soon but Sourceforge.net seems to be migrating their services. I have some issues with their subversion repositories at the moment.

2008/03/06 0.8.2 is finally out. This one contains a lot of fixes and new features. So I hope we have not introduced to many bugs. Please read the announcement and take a look at the ChangeLog.