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Fail2Ban (version 0.6.?)                           2006/??/??

ver. 0.7.3 (2006/09/28) - beta
- Added man pages. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Added wildcard support for "logpath"
- Added Gamin (file and directory monitoring system) support
- (Re)added "ignoreip" option
- Added more concurrency protection
- First attempt at solving bug #1457620 (locale issue)
- Performance improvements
- (Re)added permanent banning with banTime < 0
- Added DNS support to "ignoreip". Feature Request #1285859

ver. 0.7.2 (2006/09/10) - beta
- Refactoring and code cleanup
- Improved client output
- Added more get/set commands
- Added more configuration templates
- Removed "logpath" and "maxretry" from filter templates.
  They must be defined in jail.conf now
- Added interactive mode. Use "-i"
- Added a date detector. "timeregex" and "timepattern" are no
  more needed
- Added "fail2ban-regex". This is a tool to help finding
- Improved server communication. Start a new thread for each
  incoming request. Fail2ban is not really thread-safe yet

ver. 0.7.1 (2006/08/23) - alpha
- Fixed daemon mode bug
- Added Gentoo init.d script
- Fixed path bug when trying to start "fail2ban-server"
- Fixed reload command

ver. 0.7.0 (2006/08/23) - alpha
- Almost a complete rewrite :) Fail2ban design is really
  better (IMHO). There is a lot of new features
- Client/Server architecture
- Multithreading. Each jail has its own threads: one for the
  log reading and another for the actions
- Execute several actions
- Split configuration files. They are more readable and easy
  to use
- failregex uses group (<host>) now. This feature was already
  present in the Debian package
- lots of things...

ver. 0.6.? (2006/??/??) - ???
- Fixed UTF-8 log file parsing

ver. 0.6.1 (2006/03/16) - stable
- Added permanent banning. Set banTime to a negative value to
  enable this feature (-1 is perfect). Thanks to Mannone
- Fixed locale bug. Thanks to Fernando José
- Fixed crash when time format does not match data
- Propagated patch from Debian to fix fail2ban search path
  addition to the path search list: now it is added first.
  Thanks to Nick Craig-Wood
- Added SMTP authentification for mail notification. Thanks
  to Markus Hoffmann
- Removed debug mode as it is confusing for people
- Added parsing of timestamp in TAI64N format (#1275325).
  Thanks to Mark Edgington
- Added patch #1382936 (Default formatted syslog logging).
  Thanks to Patrick Börjesson
- Removed from ignoreip. Attacks could also
  come from the local network.
- Robust startup: if iptables module does not get fully
  initialized after startup of fail2ban, fail2ban will do
  "maxreinit" attempts to initialize its own firewall. It
  will sleep between attempts for "polltime" number of
  seconds (closes Debian: #334272). Thanks to Yaroslav
- Added "interpolations" in fail2ban.conf. This is provided
  by the ConfigParser module. Old configuration files still
  work. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Added initial support for hosts.deny and shorewall. Need
  more testing. Please test. Thanks to kojiro from Gentoo
  forum for hosts.deny support
- Added support for vsftpd. Thanks to zugeschmiert

ver. 0.6.0 (2005/11/20) - stable
- Propagated patches introduced by Debian maintainer
  (Yaroslav Halchenko):
  * Added an option to report local time (including timezone)
    or GMT in mail notification.

ver. 0.5.5 (2005/10/26) - beta
- Propagated patches introduced by Debian maintainer
  (Yaroslav Halchenko):
  * Introduced fwcheck option to verify consistency of the
    chains. Implemented automatic restart of fail2ban main
    function in case check of fwban or fwunban command failed
    (closes: #329163, #331695). (Introduced patch was further
    adjusted by upstream author).
  * Added -f command line parameter for [findtime].
  * Added a cleanup of firewall rules on emergency shutdown
    when unknown exception is catched.
  * Fail2ban should not crash now if a wrong file name is
    specified in config.
  * reordered code a bit so that log targets are setup right
    after background and then only loglevel (verbose, debug)
    is processed, so the warning could be seen in the logs
  * Added a keyword <section> in parsing of the subject and
    the body of an email sent out by fail2ban (closes:

ver. 0.5.4 (2005/09/13) - beta
- Fixed bug #1286222.
- Propagated patches introduced by Debian maintainer
  (Yaroslav Halchenko):
  * Fixed handling of SYSLOG logging target. Now it can log
    to any SYSLOG target and facility as directed by the
  * Format of SYSLOG entries fixed to look closer to standard
  * Fixed errata in config/gentoo-confd
  * Introduced findtime configuration variable to control the
    lifetime of caught "failed" log entries

ver. 0.5.3 (2005/09/08) - beta
- Fixed a bug when overriding "maxfailures" or "bantime".
  Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Added more debug output if an error occurs when sending
  mail. Thanks to Stephen Gildea
- Renamed "maxretry" to "maxfailures" and changed default
  value to 5. Thanks to Stephen Gildea
- Hopefully fixed bug #1256075
- Fixed bug #1262345
- Fixed exception handling in PIDLock
- Removed warning when using "-V" or "-h" with no config
  file. Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Removed "-i eth0" from config file. Thanks to Yaroslav

ver. 0.5.2 (2005/08/06) - beta
- Better PID lock file handling. Should close #1239562
- Added man pages
- Removed log4py dependency. Use logging module instead
- "maxretry" and "bantime" can be overridden in each section
- Fixed bug #1246278 (excessive memory usage)
- Fixed crash on wrong option value in configuration file
- Changed custom chains to lowercase

ver. 0.5.1 (2005/07/23) - beta
- Fixed bugs #1241756, #1239557
- Added log targets in configuration file. Removed -l option
- Changed iptables rules in order to create a separated chain
  for each section
- Fixed static banList in
- Added an initd script for Debian. Thanks to Yaroslav
- Check for obsolete files after install

ver. 0.5.0 (2005/07/12) - beta
- Added support for CIDR mask in ignoreip
- Added mail notification support
- Fixed bug #1234699
- Added tags replacement in rules definition. Should allow a
  clean solution for Feature Request #1229479
- Removed "interface" and "firewall" options
- Added start and end commands in the configuration file.
  Thanks to Yaroslav Halchenko
- Added firewall rules definition in the configuration file
- Cleaned
- Added an initd script for RedHat/Fedora. Thanks to Andrey
  G. Grozin

ver. 0.4.1 (2005/06/30) - stable
- Fixed textToDNS method which generated wrong matches for
  "rhost=12-xyz...". Thanks to Tom Pike
- fail2ban.conf modified for readability. Thanks to Iain Lea
- Added an initd script for Gentoo
- Changed default PID lock file location from /tmp to

ver. 0.4.0 (2005/04/24) - stable
- Fixed textToDNS which did not recognize strings like

ver. 0.3.1 (2005/03/31) - beta
- Corrected level of messages
- Added DNS lookup support
- Improved parsing speed. Only parse the new log messages
- Added a second verbose level (-vv)

ver. 0.3.0 (2005/02/24) - beta
- Re-writting of parts of the code in order to handle several
  log files with different rules
- Removed because it is no more needed
- Fixed a bug when exiting with IP in the ban list
- Added PID lock file
- Improved some parts of the code
- Added ipfw-start-rule option (thanks to Robert Edeker)
- Added -k option which kills a currently running Fail2Ban

ver. 0.1.2 (2004/11/21) - beta
- Add ipfw and ipfwadm support. The rules are taken from
  BlockIt. Thanks to Robert Edeker
- Add -e option which allows to set the interface. Thanks to
  Robert Edeker who reminded me this
- Small code cleaning

ver. 0.1.1 (2004/10/23) - beta
- Add SIGTERM handler in order to exit nicely when in daemon
- Add -r option which allows to set the maximum number of
  login failures
- Remove the Metalog class as the log file are not so syslog
  daemon specific
- Rewrite log reader to be service centered. Sshd support
  added. Match "Failed password" and "Illegal user"
- Add /etc/fail2ban.conf configuration support
- Code documentation

ver. 0.1.0 (2004/10/12) - alpha
- Initial release